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Gardner Aerospace champions best practice health and safety across global operations

Gardner Aerospace, a leading international manufacturer of aerospace components, is celebrating achieving ISO 14001/OHSAS 18001 certification in all of its 10 facilities worldwide.

Gardner’s Belesta facility in France was the lateOHSAS18001 / ISO14001st to achieve ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 standards, rounding-off Gardner’s worldwide certification programme. This has been accomplished due to a group-wide commitment to maintaining the highest standards of occupational health and safety.

Employee welfare is essential to Gardner’s success and achieving these standards, which are internationally recognised systematic approaches to maintaining health and safety in the workplace, is testament to the group’s dedication to upholding best practice across its global operations.

Dave Carnichan, director of business excellence, says: “Gardner is committed to excellence in all activities and best practice in health and safety underpins everything we do. The standards ensure employee participation in hazard/risk analysis for OHSAS 18001 and aspect/impact analysis for ISO 14001, determining controls, incident investigations, and development and review of policies and objectives. Involvement is critical for our employees to develop an indepth understanding of a safe manufacturing environment and to demonstrate how we can all work together to create excellent working conditions.”