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Proposed Acquisition of Northern Aerospace Limited

20 June 2018

Proposed Acquisition of Northern Aerospace Limited

Following our announcement dated 08 June 2018 about the proposed acquisition of Northern Aerospace Limited (NAL) by Gardner Aerospace, the UK Government has now notified us that they would like to consult with us and the other parties on the proposed acquisition. Accordingly, we believe that this will introduce a delay into the acquisition process.

Gardner Aerospace will cooperate fully with the UK Government to address any concerns they may have.

Further updates and announcements will be made in due course as appropriate.

NAL is headquartered in Consett in the United Kingdom. It operates across four sites in the United Kingdom and two in Poland. The company employs around 550 people.

NAL are manufactures of small to large metallic component parts for the Aerospace industry. The majority of these parts are classed as “Long Bed” parts many of which are in excess of 10 meters long.

Nick Sanders

Executive Chairman

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